Okay, so before I start I’m not at all saying that it’s not possible to have a fantastic body and be incredibly healthy at the same time. And if you’re one of those people then I sincerely hope you put that in your gratitude diary every day!


For your average gal about town, however, we won’t ever have the perfect abs and toned butt that grace the cover of many a magazine. I think I’ve finally come to accept that about my own body. It doesn’t mean that we can’t work at getting it in the best shape possible but I know now, at 37 years of age, that I’m not prepared to sacrifice my life for a six pack and thigh gap. And the reality is that it would take an epic amount of time in the gym with the right trainer to get me there. Quite frankly I’d rather spend the day walking the dog over the fells and then head to the pub for a pint!

Ask yourself, if your fairy godmother landed and gave you the option of the perfect bod or perfect health, which would you choose? If I’m honest 20 years ago I would have been daft enough to choose the perfect bod but now, without a shadow of a doubt, I’d take my health any day of the week.

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I’d rather live a long and happy life without disease and ailment than rock a skimpy piece of swimwear. The older I’ve got the more aware I am of my mortality. I’m more aware of disease and illness and I’m no longer quite in that bracket of ‘I’m young and young people don’t get sick’! Don’t worry that I’m getting all morbid on you, I just now realise just how important it is to have my health. I would rather prevent disease than battle it.

Up until 4 years ago I attended slimming club after slimming club and I’ll hold my hands up that the main reason for it was pure vanity. I didn’t care if I was eating enough anti-oxidants or getting sufficient calcium or protein. I just cared that the label on my dress said a 12 instead of a 14/16. I ate packet foods that were easy to ‘count’ and low in fat and calories. The fact that I had horrific adult acne and little to no energy most mornings was testament to the fact that I wasn’t remotely healthy.

Interesting though, that it was only when my focus shifted to my health that the weight I was so desperate to lose finally came off (and stayed off) without any effort at all. There was certainly no counting or monitoring my food. I focused on eating foods that I knew were wholesome and healthy, I started to be concerned about what I was putting into my body. I started to consider the long term side effects of what I was choosing to eat.

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I often wonder how things would shift in terms of health if the primary focus of ‘slimming clubs’ was no longer weight loss but health. A place that celebrated ‘health’ and nourishment. A place that doesn’t focus on numbers but rather on how you’re feeling?


It’s for that reason that I’m starting a group coaching program for those ladies who, like I was, are fed up with ‘dieting’, deprivation and obssessing over food.

It’s a program for women who are ready to make that change and who want to start and prioritise their health over the dreaded number on the scales. It’s for women who are ready to leave behind the days of counting calories/points/syns and who are ready to start and enjoy life again by building a positive relationship with food rather than a toxic one.

It’s for women who are ready to put more effort into living and feeling good than squeezing into that next size down no matter what.

If this is something that you might be interested in, then why not drop me an email and I will send you more information. You’re under absolutely no obligation to join but all that I ask is that if you’re interested you are ready to ditch the scales and commit to making this work.

This is about learning to live a healthy life in the simplest possible way. To take away the complication and make it seem like second nature.


There will be no scales involved but I guarantee plenty of talking, sharing, community, support and hopefully some laughs along the way.


Contact me now if you’re ready to thrive.


Paula x[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]