• Ditch the idea of perfectionism! The first thing people do when they decide to be ‘healthier’ is to assume that they cannot eat anything that therefore isn’t 100% healthy. Let me tell you, you’re human and you have a life! There are going to be days when you eat out and can’t have the perfectly well balanced meal. There will be the odd evening you just need some chocolate and that’s okay. The minute we decide that we must be perfect we set ourselves up to fail and when we fail we feel bad and when we feel bad we end up wanting to completely throw in the towel and say what’s the point. So, accept here and now that being healthy does not mean you have to be a saint!

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  • Stop telling yourself what you ‘shouldn’t’ eat and focus on what you ‘should’. Most people on deciding to start a health kick will immediately say ‘I’m cutting out the crap’! They focus their attention on all of the things that they can’t eat. And of course what happens when someone tells us we can’t have something, we want it even more. It’s like the guy who plays hard to get. It just makes us want him even more. Am I right ladies?! Focus your attention on adding into your diet rather than what you’re going to cut out. Eating an extra 4 portions of fruit and veg a day is far better for you than simply not having that biscuit with your coffee.


  • Don’t tell everyone you are on a health kick. Let’s be honest, telling everybody around you that you’re on a mission to eat better and lead a healthier life just puts you under even more pressure. Who cares if they know or they don’t? And sadly the likelihood is that if they all do know, someone will inevitably seem to make it their mission to get you to cave and eat that slice of cake you weren’t even that bothered about in the first place. Keep the pressure off and then if you do decide to enjoy that slice of cake you do it without feeling judgement.

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  • Eat food you enjoy. Look, eating healthy does not have to be about bare salads and plain veg. You need to get creative and find recipes and food that you genuinely enjoy. If you’re eating food that just doesn’t make your taste buds light up then very quickly you’re going to get sick of it. Simply sautéing a little kale in coconut oil and garlic rather than just steaming it makes a world or difference, trust me! Get yourself a good cook book, ideally something recommended and make it fun trying new things. You won’t always get it right first time but the more you experiment the more your confidence will grow.


  • Have quick and easy back up options in your armoury for those evenings when you just don’t have the energy to peel, chop and prepare a load of veggies. A good quality jar of pesto or pasta sauce can be a life saver. You could even make your own pizza bases and freeze them so you can just whack on some sauce and delicious veggie toppings and have a meal ready in under 20min. It’s all about having a level of convenience that means you’re not off to the take away every other night. With convenience foods I always opt for the best I can buy. My pesto will be organic and made with olive oil. My pasta sauce will only contain ingredients I recognise and ideally won’t contain any sugar. Find products that work for you and be curious about ingredients.


  • Finally, when you do cook that delicious meal from scratch with an abundance of delicious veggies then ALWAYS make more than you need. If you’re going to go to all that effort then you might as well peel and chop and extra few veggies so that not only do you have a meal for that night, you also have lunch or dinner the next day. I’ve been known to make a meal with 4 extra portions in it so that I can freeze some as well.


Be Happy, Be Bright, Be You

Paula x