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What is a Health Coach?


As a health coach my job is to be a supportive guide and mentor who will help to motivate you to begin making positive health choices which will ultimately lead to lifelong change. My training at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition combined with my own personal journey to health and wellness means that I am able to personalise your program to suit your needs. I believe that a one size fits all scenario simply doesn’t work. We are all incredibly unique and life should be a celebration of that.

As your health coach I will use our sessions to help you to identify the barriers that may have been preventing you from achieving your personal health goals. Once we have identified those barriers we can begin to remove them through small but significant lifestyle and behaviour adjustments. By making small but significant adjustments you will begin to see the changes you desire without the need for constant willpower and perpetual struggle.

People hire personal trainers to get them into great physical shape. Why do they do this? They hire a trainer because the trainer will give them the accountability that they need, will push them further than they would have gone themselves and has the expertise to identify what kind of exercise program will be most beneficial.

A health coach is much the same. Ultimately you probably have some idea of what you could do to improve your health and wellness but by working with a professional you will gain the accountability that you need, someone who will support you and guide you and finally the expertise that a health coach has to offer in understanding a wide variety of dietary theories.

All I ask from you is that you commit to changing your life for the better. Trust that together we can get you where you want to be.

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