Guided Day Hikes

Ladies, are you looking for something a little more challenging when it comes to walking?

Then why not join me for a full day hiking with a professional mountain guide and a fabulous group of like minded women? Take in some amazing views and indulge in a full day of hiking that will leave you feeling really invigorated.

2019 – Taking Bookings Now!


Helvellyn – 25th May

Catbells (and surrounding area) – 6th July 

Blencathra – 1st September



“I still to this day remember my first venture up Helvellyn which was officially the first ever mountain I would climb. Believe it or not, I barely slept the night before we’d planned to climb it and I kept thinking ‘why am I putting myself through this?’ I was truly nervous of doing something so far out of my comfort zone. I kept worrying about the weather, the height, my fitness and pretty much everything that could possibly go wrong.

And, of course, nothing did go wrong and we saw brilliant blue skies the whole day. That feeling after we’d completed the hike was something else. The achievement, the new found confidence. It left me inspired to start and pursue other dreams that I had put off or been too afraid to go after for so long. And the hiking just became more intense because I wanted to push myself further. I wasn’t afraid anymore.”

– Paula Lawson (Founder, Be Happy, Be Bright, Be You) x

This hike is designed so that not only do you get to enjoy a full day of walking with like minded women but that you also leave having experienced a sense of achievement. That you leave less afraid to experience new adventures and more inclined to live life to it’s fullest.

What’s included in the package:

  • Full day of hiking with a professional mountain guide
  • Guaranteed maximum group size of 12.
  • Women only hike. Women supporting women!



If you’re looking to set yourself a personal challenge, enjoy the great outdoors, escape the rat run and spend some time with a group of like minded people I’d highly recommend one of Paula’s guided walks. The day is planned well, the correct support and instruction is given when required and there’s always lots of positive mindful talk as well as a giggle along the way.

I completed Helvellyn with a wonderful group of women who I didn’t know, yet we had a great day. It was a very humbling and uplifting experience and one I’ll treasure for a long time.


If you’re hesitating or talking yourself out of coming on one of Paula’s day hikes – then don’t! If you’re thinking I won’t know anyone, they’ll walk too fast for me or I’ll slow everyone down, then you’d be wrong.

The walks are always friendly and supportive and go at a pace to keep the slowest walkers in the group included – no one is ever last 🙂 There’s always lots of conversation and amazing scenery – and then usually a coffee shop or pub at the end. What’s not to like?

If you’re looking for a little more adventure in your life then I can highly recommend the walks and have made some lovely new friends along the way. Give it a try!


After taking part in and thoroughly enjoying a number of local walks with Paula’s Women Who Love to Walk group I decided I would take the plunge and sign up for the first day hike of 2018, Helvellyn. I was excited and nervous as I had never done anything like it before and was unsure if I could do it.

Paula was fantastic and reassured me that I would be absolutely fine and that I would love it. The experience was amazing and reaching the top of the mountain was defiantly one of the most proudest moments of my life. All of the women in the group were so friendly and supportive and made the experience even more worthwhile.

From the moment we set off on the walk I was hooked and as soon as I returned home I immediately signed up for the next day hike to Blencathra. I would honestly recommend Paula’s day hiking experiences to anyone who is interested in walking, hiking, making new friends, tying new experiences or simply getting away from it all for the day.


I had seen Paula’s days hikes advertised and was really interested as I had hiked in the Lake District in my younger days. But was a little nervous thinking I would be out of my depth.

I eventually went for it and booked on to do Blencathra and I can honestly say it was an amazing experience. Such a friendly group of people, the walk was led by a very knowledgable guide and Paula herself always offering support and encouragement. I would definitely recommend it.


The total price for the guided day hike is £49.00 

Full payment required on booking


Do I need to be an experienced walker to take part in the hike?
It would be recommended in this instance that you do have some experience of hiking. Our experienced Mountain Leader, Cliff Lowther, recommends that in order to fully enjoy the hike participants should be able to comfortably walk a minimum of 10miles on flat ground (approx 4 hours) without any real concerns. The routes we will be taking will be the easier options compared to more complex routes available but may still involve some beginner level scrambling at times.

We would ask that if you have any reservations about your health/fitness that you consult with your GP prior to making a booking.

Will I need to bring any specialist equipment?
You must have a comfortable pair of walking boots (failure to arrive in appropriate footwear may prevent you from taking part for health and safety reasons) and a good waterproof jacket. Also we would recommend a comfortable rucksack for carrying water and food. The walk will run even in wet weather unless the guide decides that the weather is a safety risk. 

How will I get there?
You will be expected to provide your own transportation to and from the starting point, details of which will be provided no later than a week before the walk takes place. You will also be expected to cover any parking costs that are incured.  Should an overnight stay be required we will be happy to recommend a suitable location near to the starting point. 

How many people will be on the walk?

This is a woman only walk and there will be a maximum number of twelve women as well as Paula herself and our professional mountain guide (please note it is likely that our guide will be male). The hike is designed to ensure a supportive community and is very much a group adventure. We would expect participants to have some experience of distance walking/hiking.