One to One Sessions

‘The best gift you can ever give yourself is the gift of good health’

Living a lifestyle that is well balanced and that keeps you in good health does NOT have to be complicated. When you remove faddy diets and complex exercise regimes life becomes so much simpler. Healthy doesn’t need to be hard work. Eat food born of the earth, move to feel good and get out in mother nature! We’ve spent far too long making health far too complicated.

‘You deserve to wake up every single morning feeling vibrant and alive’

As a health coach I believe that a healthy life isn’t  just about eating well and taking regular exercise. It’s about the whole package, mind, body and soul. If our mindset doesn’t change then the actions we take will constantly be a reflection of that. 

I’ve been making my health a priority since 2010 when I realized that I had the power to take back my health and that the conditions that I was struggling with could be overcome by lifestyle change alone.

 I have overcome depression, anxiety, panic attacks, binge eating, digestive issues, weight gain and so much more.

Becoming vegan and adopting a primarily raw plant based diet has completely changed both my physical and emotional well being. Every day is a gift. My body and mind feel healthier now than they did in my 20’s.

Trust me when I say you CAN do this. TRUST that if you’re reading this then there is a reason that you found yourself here. 

So if you’re ready to finally feel your best. If you’re ready to start and prioritize your own needs. If deep down you’re ready for change then I’m here for you and I’m ready too.


Booking Options

1 x 60min session – £60.00

3 x 60min sessions – £150.00

5 x 60min sessions – £265.00

 To enquire about working with me simply email me at and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Please note all sessions will take place via Skype/Zoom or Phone

What a difference coaching with Paula has made to my life. I was struggling with health issues, always prioritising others and unsure of how to make the changes I needed around my work. With Paula’s guidance & support I now have much firmer boundaries within my relationships, strategies to manage my anxiety & health concerns & much needed clarity around my work goals. Most of all though, my confidence has been given a much needed boost & being kind to myself & my own self care are at the top of the list. If you are considering coaching & need someone to truly ‘see & hear YOU’ then i cant recommend Paula enough. 


My relationship with food feels very different now and making healthy choices has become easy rather than feeling forced and done with will power. With Paula’s support and help I also now meditate everyday which is something I would never have imagined myself doing and this has hugely improved improved my stress levels.


Paula has had an enormous influence on the way I see myself and she bolstered my self-esteem and positivity during an immensely challenging phase of my own development. I would recommend her wholeheartedly as a source of cost effective personal investment that will help you to bring about the transformation in your thinking you seek.



What if I don’t have a Skype account?

If you don’t have a Skype account then we can connect via Zoom. You do not require an account to use Zoom. I will simply email you a link and as long as you have a phone/tablet/PC then we can connect.

Can I pay in instalments?

If you choose to work with me for multiple sessions then you are more than welcome to pay for each session individually. However, payments must be made in full before the sessions take place. In order to take advantage of the discounted prices available for block booking multiple sessions ( 5 sessions = £60 per hour) then the total payment for all sessions must be made on booking.


I don’t live in the UK, am I still able to work with you?

Yes, absolutely! The benefit of holding sessions online is that you can work with me from the comfort of your own home and from anywhere in the world.


Disclaimer: Paula is a certified Health Coach who trained at the Institute of Intergrative Nutrition. She is not a medical practitioner, nutritionist or dietician. Any advice given during the coaching sessions should not be considered a medical diagnosis and/or treatment and should you have any concerns regarding your health Paula would always recommend consulting with your own doctor first. The information offered by Paula is intended to support, inspire and help guide you back to a place of wellness and balance.