My name is Paula Lawson and I was born and raised in the beautiful North East of England. I live a pretty simple life in a small corner of County Durham with my husband Andy and our two beautiful dogs Chester and Willow.

Life involves lots of walking, time in nature, eating delicious vegan food and living in a way that wherever possible, does no harm to any other living soul (and that includes our Mother Earth, GAIA).

It was back in 2010 that life, for me, changed forever. When I finally woke up to the fact that everything that I had been told would make me happy in life, everything that I had chased for the last 20+ years was in fact making me everything but happy. My years of prioritizing money, success, recognition and power had left me in a place where I was battling chronic anxiety, dipping in and out of depression and feeling empty. My life mantra had become, ‘I will be happy when…’


I knew deep down that something needed to change and I was ready to do whatever I had to

And so began the start of my journey. A journey of uncovering the truth of who I really am. A journey of learning to reconnect with my soul. A journey of learning to love all that I am, have been and continue to grow into (which has been the hardest part of all and something that I continue to work on).

My life is not perfect but it is so much more peaceful and filled with more love, laughter and light than ever before. 

Never have I been more sure that nothing external to who we are has the capacity to bring us true happiness if that happiness does not already exist our hearts.

Paula x